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Leadership Profile: Ho Nguyen on Healing and Quiet Leaders

This essay was written in December 2016.
The first time I met Ho Nguyen, she was speaking at a local Pro-Choice leadership gathering where she spoke with humor, confidence, experience, and with a concise analysis of the issue she was presenting on. After she spoke we made a very fluid and easy connection with one another, and she quickly took me under her wing both as a friend and mentor (a very strange move for a Minnesotan). When I asked her what she is thinking of leadership as right now, Ho told me, “I think that within a true Buddhist tradition of everybody being able to be enlightened and a god within themselves, I feel like everybody has the ability to be a leader within themselves.” I cannot think of a better way to introduce you to Ho Nguyen who is now a program manager the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. Some of Ho’s first memories associated with leadership come from her high school experience, a place where she was alienated, because of her identity as a Vietnamese p…

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